For Graduate Students

The OASIS Graduate Director maintains accurate records for College of Education, Health, and Human Sciences graduate students. This includes all administrative forms related to graduate study. All graduate students are encouraged to read and keep a working copy of their particular degree level’s “Requirements/Program Planning Information” (see below). The information has been designed to assist graduate students in the steps and milestones required to achieve their degree. Located below are links to many of the forms graduate students will need to fulfill the requirements of their programs. Also included below are the current semester’s deadlines for particular forms to be submitted to OASIS.

The official method of communication at Florida State University is your FSU e-mail account. In order to stay informed and aware, you are required to set up and maintain your account and check it three times per week. If you choose to have your official FSU account forwarded to another e-mail account, you are still held responsible for all information distributed by the University to your FSU account.

Graduate Student Deadlines:

Electronic Forms Submission Processes

To use DocuSign to obtain signatures on the forms listed on this page, follow the login instructions below. Under each form on this page, you’ll see the order of signatures needed to complete the form.

1. Go to
2. Sign in with your FSUID and password.
3. Click “New” next to the “Sign or Get Signatures” option.
4. To obtain signatures on a document, choose “Send an Envelope” and upload the applicable form.
5. Add all required signers (and FSU email) on the applicable fields.
6. Need more help sharing an envelope with other users in DocuSign? Click here or visit DocuSign’s support site.

Authenticated electronic signatures are required on forms. Authenticated electronic signatures are obtained via Adobe Sign or DocuSign submission to all required signers.

Under each form listed in the drop-down menus below, you will find the order in which applicable signatures are to be collected, as well as and the form submission workflow for that form. If you need assistance with completing a form, please contact your department staff.