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Originally constructed in 1977, the Mode L. Stone Building was expanded and renovated 30 years later to become one of the most unique and celebrated buildings on campus. It’s a stately facility, but the real inspiration comes when you set foot inside. The sweeping curves and open lobby welcome you into a building where you will spend a lot of time on your path to a career in education. The same building that features cozy study nooks and inviting window seats is also filled with some of the most advanced technology in education and sports psychology. Not to mention hallways populated with other people passionate about education.

learning resource center at college of education

The LRC is where you go for technological support services, lab and classroom facilities, multimedia equipment, or just a quiet study area for you or a small group of friends.

student at tech sandbox


This dynamic learning environment gives you hands-on access to various instructional technologies, as well as the practical knowledge of how they can be embedded in your future career in teaching, learning, assessment, and research. This facility houses technologies for all aspects of education, from Pre-K through graduate, and ensures our students meet rigorous accreditation requirements, state standards, and accomplished practices. Technologies include SmartBoards, Smart interactive projector, Smart 3D doc cam, Google Glass, 3D area, gaming area, iPad, e-readers, tablets, LiveScribe pens, and a commitment to introduce exciting new technologies as they are developed.


The Sport Psychology Lab at the College of Education, Health, and Human Sciences is nationally recognized for the seminal contributions to the Sport & Exercise Psychology literature. By using state of the art technology offered at the lab, such as biofeedback, eye-tracking, perceptual and reaction time equipment, innovative projects are being conducted in a broad and diverse array of sports and exercise topics.


Looking for a quiet place to work, study, or simply take a break during your day? The newly renovated Student Lounge is equipped with comfortable seating, private study cubbies and a separate conference room with additional seating and a smart TV.

student lounge
student with a teacher at daily skills lab

This unique space, utilized by the Visual Disabilities program, is where College of Education, Health, and Human Sciences students learn adaptive techniques for teaching children with low or no vision to accomplish essential living skills and achieve greater independence as adults. The Daily Living Skills Lab is equipped with kitchen and laundry facilities, as well as living and bedroom areas.

Take a virtual tour of the Stone building!

Click on the videos below to see 360 views of the Stone building. To navigate, simply tilt and drag on your mobile device (or use your mouse to click and drag if you’re on a desktop computer). Be sure to select the 1080 setting for the best quality. To see more videos, visit our Youtube channel!

360 view of the first-floor entrance of the Stone building.

stone building first floor

360 view from the front of the Stone building.

front view of stone building

360 view of the second floor in the Stone building.

2nd floor view of stone building