Faculty and Staff Directory

"The bond between our faculty and students is strong. There is a family feel here."

Here in the College of Education, Health, and Human Sciences, you will find a welcoming family of faculty and staff ready to support you on your educational path.
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Educational Leadership & Policy Studies
1204E Stone Building
(850) 644-5553
Graduate Academic Program Specialist
1209J Stone Building
(850) 644-1712
Post-Doctoral Fellow
Exercise Physiology
1104A William Johnston Building
Associate Professor
Measurement & Statistics
3204J Stone Building
Academic Support Coordinator and Mapping Coordinator
2301 Stone Building
(850) 644-3767
Sport Management
1100 Stone Building
(850) 644-6885
Associate Professor and Associate Director
Mathematics Education
G127 Stone Building
(850) 644-6709
Professor Emeritus
Nutrition & Food Science
406 Sandels Building
(850) 645-1517
Career Center Liaison
207F Sandels
(850) 645-0443
2201 Stone Building
(850) 644-3486
Assistant Clinical Professor
English Education - Reading
G116 Stone Building
(850) 644-1651
Associate Professor
Higher Education
1210C Stone Building
Academic Advisor
207N Sandels Building
(850) 644-5468
Administrative Associate
1107 Stone Building
(850) 645-8382
Clinical Professor & ESOL Coordinator
Foreign and Second Language Education
G125 Stone Building
(850) 644-1450
Co-Director for Graduate Studies
2301 Stone Building
(850) 644-7914
Adjunct Instructor
Measurement & Statistics
3210 Stone Building
Academic Support Coordinator
2301 Stone Building
(850) 644-5825
Associate Clinical Professor
Visual Disabilities
2205G Stone Building
(850) 644-8409
Administrative Associate
Educational Leadership & Policy Studies
1209K Stone Building
(850) 645-1317
Academic Program Specialist
Sport Management
1004 Tully Gym
Teaching Faculty II
2206C Stone Building
(850) 645-4759
Associate Teaching Professor
Educational Psychology & Learning Systems
3205G Stone Building
Academic Advisor
207J Sandels Building
(850) 644-4186
Associate Professor
Reading Education/Language Arts
2209K Stone Building
(850) 645-1410
Assistant Professor
Instructional Systems and Learning Technologies
3205B Stone Building
Assistant Professor
English Education
G124 Stone Building
Grants Specialist
Assistant Teaching Professor
Higher Education
2208M Stone Building
Associate Director of Student & Alumni Engagement
1119 Stone Building
(850) 645-8943
Director of Business Operations
1115 Stone Building
(850) 644-9185
IT Support Specialist
2202 Stone Building
(850) 644-2094
IT Support Specialist
202 Sandels Building
(850) 644-3865
Assistant Professor
2209F Stone Building
(850) 644-8416
Business Manager
1114 Stone Building
(850) 644-4854
Teaching Faculty I
Elementary Education
Holley A-111-C (Panama City Campus)