ElevatED On-field recognition

In 2019, Florida educators of the year were recognized on the field at the FSU Family Weekend football game. Celebrating educators on a public stage marked the launch of Project ElevatED, a concerted effort to recruit, train and retain more educators in the workforce and recognize them for the important work they do.

Through these lenses of recruitment, training and retention, we engage with prospective students to recruit and inspire new education professionals; train the next generation of education professionals with cutting-edge research and teaching techniques; and provide opportunities for professional development and recognition to retain more education professionals in the field.

Throughout the process, our programs serve as pathways to meaningful careers that leave a lasting impact. Education is the profession that creates all other professions, and we can better serve our university, our state, and our nation by providing better training, support and recognition of the teachers, counselors, administrators, coaches and other professionals who work with students every day.

ElevatED Initiatives

New/Expanded Academic Programs

New/Expanded Professional Development Programs

Quality professional development opportunities are an important part of educator development and retention. We’re proud to offer our expertise through projects like:

Recognition and Support of Education Professionals

Recognition is a key component of Project ElevatED, and we want education professionals to know how important and valued they are. We work to accomplish this by:

  • Recognizing award-winning education professionals during an FSU football game each year, and expanding this tradition to other universities around the state and the country
  • Offering a full three-year graduate tuition waiver to every Florida Teacher of the Year award winner since 2020
  • Partnering with the Florida Department of Education to support the Florida Teacher of the Year program
  • Delivering care packages to all FSU graduates currently teaching in Florida

New/Expanded Laboratory School Support

Our laboratory schools are routinely recognized for their excellence in teaching and student achievement, and we’re excited to see the next phases in their growth development.

New/Expanded Scholarships & Fundraising

We’re proud to offer more scholarships than any other college at FSU, and more than any other College of Education in Florida! Through Project ElevatED, we’re keeping that momentum going.

  • 14 new scholarships created for preservice teachers since 2019
  • $1.81M in scholarships awarded to FSU College of Education students since 2019
  • Creation of the Duel of the Schools fundraising platform for Colleges of Education in Florida SUS institutions

Education Policy Advocacy

Education policy advocacy is another essential element of Project ElevatED. Our location right here in Florida’s capitol makes us well-equipped to build relationships with key stakeholders with the goal of elevating the education profession.

  • Letter to the governor advocating for teacher raises across Florida in 2020 and 2021
  • Partnerships with the Florida Department of Education and other SUS institutions for teacher recruitment and support
  • Membership in the Higher Education Consortium for Special Education (HECSE), which allows us to join collective efforts with other universities with doctoral programs in special education to advocate for education policies at the federal and state levels.

Additional Instructional Support

We know that to produce well-prepared teachers, we need excellent teachers of our own.

  • 13 new full-time faculty lines since 2019
  • 12 new graduate assistantship lines since 2019

Additional Research Support

Cutting-edge research is just one of the many areas where we shine, and new systems of support are helping us shine even brighter.

Additional Operational Support

More operational funding means more opportunities for us to innovate, create and inspire.

  • New COE Dean’s Circle program to enhance the college’s operational endowment and research funding support
  • New Associate Chair/Director positions to support innovation in all COE academic units

New/Renovated Facilities

Our state-of-the-art facilities help us produce state-of-the-art education professionals. Recent renovations to our spaces include:


ElevatED By the Numbers

Since Fall of 2019...

219,471 attendees honored education professionals during FSU Football Games

$2.61M in scholarships awarded to FSU College of Education students

Prepared 1,635 graduates for successful careers in K-12 education

3,605 teachers participated in FSU-led professional development

7 other universities joined as affiliates of Project ElevatED

18 new scholarships created for preservice teachers

2,985 care packages delivered to FSU alumni in school districts across Florida

$77,649 in graduate tuition waivers awarded to Florida Teachers of the Year

ElevatED Affiliates

Boston College
University of Central Florida
University of West Florida
University of North Florida
Syracuse University
Florida International University
University of South Florida


Please contact cehhs@fsu.edu with any questions.