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Unique partnerships. Great opportunities.

As a leader in education, the FSU College of Education, Health, and Human Sciences actively partners with unique programs both internally and externally. These partnerships open doors and expose College of Education, Health, and Human Sciences students to opportunities they can’t find anywhere else, and reinforce our mission to give our students the best possible preparation for a career in education.

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If your dream includes teaching mathematics or science to middle and high school students, this unique undergraduate partnership with the College of Arts & Sciences is a fantastic opportunity. FSU-Teach is designed for students to graduate with 2 majors in 4 years – one in a science area or math and one in teaching.

As a graduate or undergraduate student in the College of Education, Health, and Human Sciences, your journey might include some time in the Florida Center for Reading Research (FCRR) - a multidisciplinary research center that explores all aspects of reading research. It’s a great opportunity to participate in the research on literacy and development issues for readers of all levels.

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The Leadership Learning Research Center's mission is to inform and support scholars, educators, and practitioners regarding leadership teaching and learning through scholarship, curriculum development, and consultation. The strength of the LLRC resides in its theory-to-practice-to-theory framework, where research is directly applied to both curricular and co-curricular leadership education.

The Institute of Sports Sciences and Medicine (ISSM) is a state-of-the-art research facility with a primary focus on advancing knowledge in the realms of health, body composition, and human performance. ISSM is deeply committed to nurturing the development of FSU students, postdoctoral fellows, and visiting scholars through laboratory experiences and internship opportunities. Established in 2010, the ISSM has conducted a wide array of studies, spanning from elite athletes to clinical populations. Currently, its research endeavors are structured around four distinct domains: 1) Performance Nutrition, 2) Sport Science, 3) Clinical Research, and 4) Sport Psychology.

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This charter lab school gives FSU College of Education, Health, and Human Sciences students the chance to observe, research and participate in the education of a student body of 1,800 K-12 students. In this exciting and innovative environment, you have the unique opportunity to research and establish best practices in teaching for educators today and well into the future.

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Join a research and development team and participate in projects to address critical challenges facing our world today, and to develop innovative strategies to solve them.

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The Human Services Center offers free individual, couples and family counseling to students and the community to help you facilitate psychological health, personal growth and resolve inner turmoil in a safe and confidential environment.

The Adult Learning Evaluation Center (ALEC) provides psycho-educational evaluations for college students and other adults who may be experiencing scholastic difficulties due to a learning disability, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and/or other mental health issues that may negatively affect one’s academic performance.

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