Social Development Lab

Social Development Lab

About our Research

Our research focuses on understanding how individual characteristics (i.e. social anxiety) and interpersonal relations jointly influence young peoples’ development, especially in terms of having healthy interpersonal relationships and emotional health.

We often focus on development during times of transition, including the transition to school, the middle school transition, and the transitions of emerging adulthood. Transitions are particularly fascinating periods to study development because individuals sometimes respond to changed environmental circumstances in ways that represent positive turning points in their life pathways.

Our current research makes connections between patterns of development in middle childhood and early adolescence and young adult emotional health and developmental milestones, such as education, employment, interpersonal relationships including romantic relationships, and having children.

In the future, we plan to start a new longitudinal project with toddlers to examine the effects of social learning processes and temperament on the development of anxiety in childhood.


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