Collaborative Lab for the Advancement of Student Success (CLASS)

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The mission of the Collaborative Lab for the Advancement of Student Success (CLASS) is to engage researchers, practitioners, and leaders within and beyond Florida State University (FSU) to advance student success and equity at FSU and nationally. We at the CLASS will assess, evaluate, and identify effective policies, programs, and practices that can promote student success and equity in higher education and to document conditions in which such efforts can be implemented successfully on the ground. We aspire to build networks, partnerships, and collaborations to play a significant role in advancing the agenda for greater student success and equity.

CLASS is a collaboration between the Division of Undergraduate Studies and the Center for Postsecondary Success at the FSU College of Education. 

CLASS in the News

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FSU Collaborative Lab to promote nationwide student success and equity

Florida State University is working to enhance its record of student success and equity well beyond its campuses.

The Collaborative Lab for the Advancement of Student Success, or CLASS, represents a joint effort of the College of Education and the Division of Undergraduate Studies that answers a national call to strategically improve undergraduate education so that it advances equity and better serves a more diverse student body.
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