Seminoles ASPIRE

Seminoles ASPIRE: Alliance for Supporting Positive-growth & Inspiring Resilience in Education


There are three primary goals associated with the Seminoles ASPIRE partnership:

  • Increase the mental health of students attending FSUS.
  • Create practicum experiences for the graduate students in Counseling and School Psychology
  • Conduct research on mental health and bullying prevention


The mental health partnership is built on a multi-tiered service delivery model framework. The three-tiered triangle will be used to represent this framework.  Tier 1 consists of universal screening and preventative programming for ALL students attending FSUS. Tier 2 consists of assessments and interventions that are specific to students with elevated risk for mental health difficulties. Tier 3 will consist of individuals with a significant risk of or known mental health difficulties.


Seminoles ASPIRE: Supporting You Through COVID-19