Sport Management Graduate Programs

As the sport industry continues to expand, so do new career opportunities. As more and more interest builds and investment pours into the sport sector, sport teams and facilities seek educated specialists. The Florida State Sport Management has developed a reputation as producing talented, prepared sport industry professionals.

Our sport management program teaches business skills, facility and event management, marketing and promotion, field research and more. Supported by renowned faculty members, you will gain hands-on experience and mentorship. What separates us from other sport management programs is the close relationships with many successful alumni and sport organizations. These connections provide professional experience for our students in various forms (graduate assistantships, internship/volunteer partnerships, class/conference speakers, etc.). Our master's and doctoral degree programs are consistently ranked among the top programs in the U.S., with our Ph.D. program ranked #1 in the country by College Choice.

Read about the research and teaching interests of the Sport Management program faculty members by clicking on their names below:

Dr. Mark DiDonato - Assistant Instructor, Undergraduate Advisor

Dr. Katie Flanagan – Service Learning Coordinator

Dr. Michael Giardina – Sport Media & Culture Studies

Dr. Jeffrey James, Chair – Sport Marketing

Dr. Amy Kim – Management in Sport

Dr. Joshua Newman – Sport Media & Culture Studies

Dr. Jason Pappas – Practicum Coordinator

Dr. N. David Pifer – Sports Analytics

Dr. Ryan Rodenberg – Legal & Policy Issues, Sport Analytics

Dr. James Du – Sport Marketing & Sport Analytics

Dr. Kylee Studer O’Daniel – Assistant Instructor

Dr. Kristopher White - Assistant Instructor

Dr. Hanhan Xue – Management in Sport


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