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Dr. Jason Pappas

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Dr. Jason Pappas is a teaching professor at Florida State University's College of Education, Health and Human Sciences who significantly contributes to the future of sport management. Through his notable professional journey, he has profoundly impacted the Department of Sport Management by demonstrating an unwavering commitment to transformative learning.
Dr. Pappas is the Sport Management Internship Program Coordinator who goes beyond traditional academia to guide students toward practical opportunities in the sport industry. He encourages exploration and growth within sport careers, allowing students to gain valuable experience through networking and volunteering across various sport organizations worldwide.
Dr. Pappas has had a remarkable academic journey that is both profound and inspiring. In 1996, he pursued a Bachelor of Science in Business Communications at Florida State University. While there, he worked closely alongside the renowned Coach Bobby Bowden. After completing his Bachelor's degree, Dr. Pappas pursued higher education by obtaining a Master's degree in Sport Administration in 1998 from Florida State University while serving as a Graduate Assistant in academics for the Florida State University’s football program.  Post-graduation, he briefly worked in the NFL with the Carolina Panthers, but his passion for academics and intercollegiate athletics brought him back to the world of higher education. He joined the University of South Carolina's Athletic Department in 1999. His primary focus was on fostering academic success among student-athletes. He served as the Director of Academic Support until 2006. During that time, he worked closely with the football and baseball programs under the tutelage of legendary coaches Lou Holtz and Steve Spurrier while graduating with a Master of Education in Education Administration in 2001. In 2006, Dr. Pappas became the Director of Athletic Academic Advising and Assistant Athletic Director for the Athletic Academic Support Program at The University of Southern California in 2006. This was during the thriving era of Trojan football under Coach Pete Carroll. In 2010, he completed his academic pursuits by earning a Doctor of Education in Educational Administration, further strengthening his field expertise.
In 2011, Dr. Pappas returned to Florida State University, which he considers his true home. He held several positions within the athletic department, including Director of Athletic Academic Support and Associate Athletic Director for Student-Athlete Academic Services. In 2012, he shifted his focus to academia and has since continued to advance through the faculty ranks. Today, Dr. Pappas is a Teaching Professor in the FSU Sport Management Department, merging his academic pursuits with his professional experience to provide students with valuable experiential learning opportunities. Additionally, Dr. Pappas is an adjunct in the FSU College of Business Management Department.
Masters of the Game, co-authored by Dr. Pappas, eloquently delves into the personal journeys of sports executives, offering invaluable principles for life and business. The book is an excellent resource for molding future sport professionals and industry leaders. As a Sport Management Professor and Experiential Learning Coordinator, Dr. Pappas expertly integrates these experiential narratives into his pedagogical approach. This incorporation enhances his students' understanding of the complex sport industry and equips them with invaluable insights beneficial to their future careers.
Dr. Pappas is a highly respected educator at Florida State University, known for his exceptional dedication to instructional excellence and commitment to cultivating an ethical educational environment. He has received numerous notable awards and distinctions, including the Transformation Through Teaching Award in 2012 and the University Teaching Award in 2020. His outstanding work in establishing effective student and community development partnerships earned him the Partners With A Purpose Award from the Florida State University Division of Student Affairs in 2020, and he was presented with the Campus Being a Difference Award by the National Association of State Boards of Accountancy's Center for Public Trust 2021.
Dr. Pappas was born in Las Vegas, Nevada. He and his wife, Dr. Sherry Pappas, live with their four children in Tallahassee. Together, they share a strong faith and passion for travel.