Welcome to the Tech Sandbox!


The purpose of the Tech Sandbox is to create a dynamic learning environment where College of Education, Health, and Human Sciences students and faculty can learn and practice various instructional technologies and tools and get a clear understanding of how they can embed tech into teaching, learning, assessment, and research. We house technologies that are currently in use or will be used in PreK-12, continuing and higher education, and other educational organizations, allowing our students to meet rigorous accreditation requirements, state standards, and accomplished practices and preparing our graduates for successful professional careers. 

Currently, the TechSandbox features technologies in the following categories:

  • Coding applications
  • Graphic Design
  • Interactive display boards
  • Small robotics
  • Virtual reality
  • 3D printing and design
  • Active technologies
  • Counseling technologies

To view which specific devices and applications are featured in the Tech Sandbox, please visit our Canvas site “The Technology Sandbox (CEHHS).”

All FSU students and faculty have access but need to self-enroll using the following steps:

  1. Click the following link: https://fsu.instructure.com/enroll/R97ELN
  2. If not already, log into Canvas.
  3. On Canvas enroll page, click Enroll in Course
  4. Click Go to the Course.

We continuously expand and include other technologies and tools as recommended by students and faculty. We welcome your suggestions for new devices and apps. Please complete this survey, and we will make all efforts possible to acquire this item.

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