School Psychology

In the M.S./Ed.S. School Psychology Program at Florida State, you will benefit from academic study, practicum experience, and internship leading to certification as a school psychologist. Our school psychologists go on to work in schools around the country and improve the lives of students.

The program consists of 73 credit hours of coursework over three years. During the first year, you will develop content knowledge and applied foundations. In the second year, you will have the opportunity to apply skills in practicum settings. Finally, you will spend the third year in a full-time internship in an approved setting. Successful graduates of the program receive both a specialist (Ed.S.) and a master’s degree (M.S.) in Counseling and Human Systems with a major in School Psychology.

As a school psychologist, you will work within the educational community to support students as they learn and grow. School psychologists often work alongside teachers and parents to help identify a student’s needs. Through our program, you will learn best practices and effective ways to provide support and intervention. The Florida Department of Education (FLDOE) and the National Association of School Psychologists (NASP) have both fully accredited our program. You can learn more about the role of a school psychologist by visiting the NASP website at For more information and data about our program (including our Program Annual Report and Student Outcomes Data), please click here.

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