Research Opportunities in Social Science

Jennie Kroeger

The field of social science is quite broad. Subjects and studies that fall under the social sciences purview include political science, economics, sociology, psychology, and more. Because it covers such a wide breadth, there are ample doctorate and post-doctorate research opportunities for students in the field of social science.

So where is the best place to start?

The web has plenty of resources when it comes to finding out about research projects in social sciences and organizations that work to improve social science-focused resources and research opportunities. One of the leading organizations is the Social Science Research Council (SSRC). It is an independently governed body of social scientists who want to improve access and resources available to the next generation of social science students. Their programs, research fellowships, and prizes span the globe, including a number of programs that are designed to help researchers in Asian countries and their cooperation with American institutions. In terms of non-university research opportunities, the SSRC is the prominent program in the country and a great place to start your research project search. Learn more about the Social Science Research Council See a list of fellowships from the Social Science Research Council But, when it comes to university sanctioned research projects in social sciences, it's on a school-by-school basis. Universities tend to direct their social science program towards a focus in a particular field of study, so specializations vary from college to college. Florida State University has a highly regarded Social Science Education PhD program in the College of Education. The graduate program offers doctoral fellowships, grants, and scholarships to students in the social sciences, including the Fellows Society Adelaide Wilson Fellowship, which goes towards interdisciplinary candidates in the social arts, sciences, and engineering. It is the university's largest fellowship. As for research projects, Florida State University is involved in a wide range of projects, many of which pertain to important fields that fall under the social science purview, such as the Institute on WWII and the Human Experience. You can see a list of some of FSU's research projects and centers below:

For a complete list of FSU's research institutes, , . here. Learn More About FSU Social Science Education PhD