Eleven FSU Graduates Named District Teachers of the Year

George Kantelis

Each year, Florida’s school districts have the opportunity to recognize and celebrate 74 teachers as District Teachers of the Year. These top educators are selected for many reasons including extraordinary student gains, community involvement, teacher leadership and instructional practices. Of the District Teachers of the Year, five will be selected as finalists to win the Teacher of the Year Award.

This year, 11 of the District Teachers of the Year are FSU graduates:

Whitney Jacqueline Martina 
(B.S. Elementary Ed, '08)








Kary Black (B.A Literature, '11)








Andrew Burk (B.A. Music, '17)








Joanna Pitts
(B.S. Elementary Ed. '06)









My Mitchell (B.S. Finance, '14)







Wendy Willis
(M.S. Elementary Ed. '02)







Todd Eckstein
(MME Music Education '03)








Jennifer Jaso (B.S. Social Science, '03)









Shelby Goodwin (B.S. Dietetics '17)








Sally Murphy (B.S. Math Education '94)







Wendy Stinson (B.S. Elementary Ed. '84)







As a college that takes pride in teacher preparation and instruction, we have continued to make progress in our goals to recruit and inspire new education professionals; train the next generation of education professionals with cutting-edge research and teaching techniques; and provide opportunities for professional development and recognition to retain more education professionals in the field through Project ElevatED

As part of the Project ElevatED initiative, we offer the Florida Teacher of the Year winner a three-year graduate tuition waiver so they can earn their graduate degree here in the College of Education. We're thrilled to have the past three winners as current graduate students in the college: Dr. Dré Graham (learning design and performance technology Ed.D.), Krista Stanley (educational leadership/administration M.S.), and Sarah Painter (educational leadership/administration Ed.S.). 

Congratulations to all of this year's District Teacher of the Year Winners!