Instructional Systems and Learning Technologies

Students who graduate from FSU’s Instructional Systems and Learning Technologies (ISLT) program gain the skills needed for in-demand instructional design careers. Instructional designers work in both public and private sectors and create training, instruction and organizational systems. Our students learn how to use technology and best practices to help improve learning and assist instructors and trainers.

Graduates from Florida State's Instructional Systems and Learning Technologies program go on to work in businesses, government agencies, universities, schools and military organizations. Consistently ranked as the #1 or #2 instructional design program in the country, our program produces highly sought-after professionals. Some of the biggest names in instructional design taught at Florida State, and our program continues the legacy of luminaries such as Robert Gagné, Leslie Briggs, Robert Morgan, Walter Dick, Marcy Driscoll, Robert Reiser, and John Keller

All of our programs have a strong focus on:

  • Instructional design
  • Emerging technologies
  • Performance improvement

The program offers three graduate degrees as well as two graduate certificates. You can gain an understanding of instructional design practices with the Master of Science, which is offered both online and in person. For additional training and expertise, you can enroll in our online Ed.D. in Learning Design & Performance Technology. Finally, students interested in conducting research and teaching instructional design can earn a Ph.D. through our on-campus program. Click below to learn about each degree offered by our ISLT program.