Department of Educational Leadership & Policy Studies Presentations

The College of Education faculty and students actively seek to bring their research to audiences far and wide. The important work conducted by faculty members in the department of Educational Leadership and Policy Studies has far-reaching implications in the fields of higher education, educational leadership, and education policy. These presentations cover topics including but not limited to student enrollment, education reform, equity and inclusion, neurodiversity and more. All in all, faculty and students in the Educational Leadership and Policy Studies department will offer more than 20 different presentations over the spring.

While the pandemic has undoubtedly disrupted normal conference programming, conferences have moved largely to online format. This shift has caused new challenges for organizers; however, it also has had the unexpected effect of opening up access to attendees more than ever. Although some of these conferences require a registration fee, by shifting conferences online, attendees can tune in from anywhere. The greatest obstacle will be overcoming Zoom burnout!

With that in mind, you can find a list of conferences, titles of presentations, and names of presenters from the Educational Leadership and Policy Studies department below (or available here as a PDF):