Dietetics program showcases culinary ingenuity with FSU's Food for Thought Pantry staples


Graduate and undergraduate students in Florida State University’s Dietetics program competed in the first-ever cooking competition using ingredients only from the FSU Food for Thought Food Pantry. The event was held to strengthen relationships within the FSU Dietetics community and to spread awareness of the food pantry's hidden potential to provide nutritional meals!

Navigating Student Motivation: A Dive into Multiple Goals Regulation in the New Year


Embarking on a new year often brings with it a surge of resolutions, a list of aspirations for self-improvement and growth. In the fast-paced world of college life, students often find themselves juggling multiple responsibilities from academic pursuits to personal obligations, especially at the start of a new semester. Driven by a passion for understanding and addressing motivational challenges faced by students, Assistant Professor Yeo-eun Kim delves into the intricate web of motivation and self-regulation.