Student Spotlight: Martin Saldana Jr.

This spring, we are celebrating some of our outstanding students who are graduating this semester. We wish all of our graduating students the best as they begin the next chapter of their journeys.

Martin Saldana

Name: Martin Saldana Jr.

Hometown: Jurupa Valley, Calif.

Program: Higher Education (M.S.)

Why did you choose your program?

As a first-generation Mexican-American college student who grew up in a low-income neighborhood, my mentors in higher education assisted me in navigating the difficulty of college endeavors. It was due to their support that I was able to surpass the challenges I faced throughout my undergraduate experience. I chose to come to Florida State because I wanted to be the person that people were for me. Student affairs professionals play a large role in student success on campus, and it felt right to give back to what was given to me.

What's your favorite part of your program?

My favorite part of the program is the hands-on experience. In this program, we withhold assistantships and also participate in internships that allowed me to get firsthand experience of different office cultures and understand different environments throughout the campus. 

What do you want to do after you graduate?

I want to continue to serve students and communities and encourage them to pursue and graduate in higher education. I want to be able to create spaces that enhance learning environments.