Why Get an Online Ed.D. from Florida State University?

Jennie Kroeger

This is a question we hear quite often in the College of Education, and we're glad that you're asking. Below, we will provide answers to the questions we receive most often.

What is FSU's Online Ed.D. Program?

FSU's College of Education offers a Doctor of Education degree (Ed.D.) in Educational Leadership and Administration for individuals who are actively involved in the field of education and are seeking out leadership roles in education institutions, policy setting agencies, or research institutions.

What Will I Learn?

The Doctor of Education degree is designed to teach you how to approach the education industry from a leadership role, or from a position where your work has the potential to impact policy and industry-wide practices. Our program covers a wide range of material, from teaching practices to education policy. Essentially, everything that you'll learn can be broken down into the following categories:

    • Design, implement, and administer educational change projects in varied settings
    • Conduct issue- or policy-oriented research and evaluation
    • Teach related subject matter in colleges, universities, and adult education programs
What Are the Benefits of the Online Ed.D. Program?

The benefits of an online Ed.D. are varied and vast. For one, Ed.D. candidates are able to work in higher-paying jobs and have a larger impact on the education industry in the field of their choice. Having an Ed.D. prepares you for a policy and research heavy role in the education industry. According to Payscale.com, individuals with an Ed.D. in administrative roles can make close to $100k as a high school principal. You can see the breakdown of other positions below.




How Much Does it Cost?

Attaining an online Ed.D. at FSU costs the same as it does for a traditional degree, except there is an added $80.00 per credit hour distance learning fee. With graduate in-state tuition rates at $479.32 per credit and out state tuition rates at $1,110.72 per credit, you can expect to add approximately $5,520 on top of standard tuition rates to take the full 69 hour program online.

How Long Does it Take?

FSU's online Ed.D. is designed to be completed in in 3 years with a total of 69 credit hours. As noted on the program website, "The program starts in summer with three courses including a face-to-face seminar. The face-to-face seminar occurs for three consecutive summer sessions. Cohorts enroll in online courses that build sequentially in subsequent semesters." You can learn more about cost and time commitment here.

What Happens After Graduation?

FSU's Ed.D. program is award-winning because of the amazing faculty and the abundance of post-graduate resources and assistance that graduates receive once they've completed the program. The College of Education is staffed with professors and administrators who are highly involved in education programs on a state and national level. The relationship you forge with your professor can have a major impact on your career path once you've completed your online doctorate, and none are more qualified or diverse as those in the FSU College of Education. Find Out More About Our Online Ed.D. Program