What is a STEM education program?

Jennie Kroeger

STEM: Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics

The STEM education program is a national initiative to improve access to science, technology, education, and mathematics resources and programs for students of all ages and all socioeconomic backgrounds. This effort not only strives to create opportunities for younger students - enriching grade school curriculum to incorporate classes based on STEM subject - but also for higher education and post-degree institutions to provide adequate access and support through the degree and transition to a career.

Traditionally, the industries that surround science, technology, engineering, and mathematics drive commerce, and in the past, have helped the United States remain an influential force in the world economy. Advancements in those areas have led to countless innovations that have impacted the daily lives of nearly everyone in the world. Without a focus on STEM education, America's students will fall behind other nations in job selection.

The primary goal for the nationwide STEM program is for American students to "move from the middle to the top of the pack in science and math," according to a statement made by President Obama. Those are some goals for STEM programs in Florida and other states. The STEM program provides a network of federal agencies, programs, and standards to improve the infrastructure around STEM curriculum, and graduate an additional 1 million college students with STEM majors, including PhDs in math education and PhDs in science education.

As you can probably tell, universities have a huge role to play in the improvement of STEM-focused curriculum. With bachelor's and advanced degrees available in the field of education for STEM subjects, we can train tomorrow's educators with a clear set of goals that they can take well into their careers and use to influence the minds of those they teach.

The STEM program drastically impacts how we see our role in the larger context of the nation's education industry. Because of goals laid out in the STEM Educational Program, our advanced degrees in education are even more important.

We offer two Ph.D. level education degrees at Florida State University that support the STEM program's mission. You can learn more about both degrees below:

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