A growing number of institutions and state systems of higher education are embracing corequisite developmental education (DE) models whereby students take developmental (or remedial) courses in the same semester as the associated introductory college-level English or math course. This model abandons the traditional notion that students must complete all DE courses before taking college-level courses. In line with this movement, Texas passed House Bill 2223 in 2017, which required all public Texas institutions to adopt corequisites as the primary developmental education model. This legislation permitted individual institutions to decide how to offer corequisite course options in terms of both structure (concurrently/paired, sequentially, or via non-competency based option) and intensity (number of credit hours, ranging from 0 to 4). Texas corequisite developmental education research through the Center for Postsecondary Success presents insights from Texas faculty, staff, students, and administrators in hopes of better understanding these corequisite offerings and the implementation of HB 2223. 

Texas Corequisite Research Team

Project Publications

Park-Gaghan, T., Mokher, C., Daniels, H., McCoy, K., Henning, H., & Moran, A. (2022). Exploring corequisite developmental education models in the lone star state: A first report on student success and corequisite implementation. Tallahassee, FL: Center for Postsecondary Success.

Park-Gaghan, T. Mokher, C., Henning, H., Daniels, H., Fatima, A., Ibrayeva, D., Danyi, M., & McCoy, K. (2023). Exploring corequisite developmental education models in the lone star state: A second report on student success in corequisite coursework. Tallahassee, FL: Center for Postsecondary Success.

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Kroeger, J. (2021, July 8). FSU Researchers receive $1.5M grant to study corequisite developmental education models [Press release]. https://news.fsu.edu/news/education-society/2021/07/08/fsu-researchers-receive-1-5m-grant-to-study-corequisite-developmental-education-models/

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