Program Evaluation

The Program Evaluation graduate certificate provides students a set of interdisciplinary competencies to design, implement, and critique evaluation research. Master’s, doctoral and non-degree seeking students apply this information in a variety of settings. The information gained in the Program Evaluation certificate program benefits employees in education, social sciences, public administration and more. The program content also helps evaluators, policy analysts, health and social service administrators, and program managers in their careers.

The structure of the certificate coursework is based on the 2018 American Evaluation Association (AEA) Evaluator Competencies. During the program, you’ll gain a range of knowledge, skills, and dispositions important for conducting evaluations in different practice settings. These five competency domains cover content related to:

  • Evaluation professional practice with knowledge of the AEA Guiding Principles(2018) and the Program Evaluation Standards (Joint Committee on Standards for Educational Evaluation, 2011)
  • Systematic inquiry that incorporates qualitative, quantitative, and mixed designs
  • Contextual knowledge and stakeholder agency
  • Interpersonal communication and cultural competence
  • Planning and management of evaluation projects

The Program Evaluation certificate consists of 15 credit hours (5 courses). Twelve required credit hours (4 courses) cover evaluation theoretical approaches and evaluation policy, ethics, evaluation designs in practice, and data collection methods. Three elective credit hour (1 course) provide students with additional knowledge about different research designs and analytical approaches.

Program evaluation skills apply to a number of different career paths and can greatly benefit most résumés. Graduates from our Program Evaluation certificate are highly sought after by companies, non-profits, government agencies and more.

You can complete the program either on a full-time or part-time basis within a seven-year time period as a non-degree seeking student or in conjunction with a graduate program at FSU. The courses are offered both online and on-campus.

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