Mathematics Education

The Mathematics Education major in the Curriculum and Instruction degree program is designed to prepare you to bridge research and practice in the teaching and learning of mathematics. Offering an online master’s in mathematics education, as well as in-person master’s, specialist (Ed.S.) and doctoral (Ph.D.) degrees, the program features core courses that highlight historically based introductions to theories of learning and curriculum development. As you complete your Ph.D., Ed.S. or master’s in mathematics education, you will gain methodologically focused contemporary perspectives on teachers’ professional learning and students’ mathematical learning.


There are three key features of our graduate programs:

  • Students in our program are exposed to a broad view of the landscape of mathematics education, taking courses from faculty whose research interests range from special education to undergraduate mathematics education.
  • A common focus across our program is the consideration of teachers’ professional growth across a variety of contexts, with a particular emphasis on the ways in which teachers attend to student thinking to support the learning of all.
  • Our college is well-situated to support students’ exploration of their interests through coursework and collaborative projects across disciplines; as a student, you are encouraged to pursue these opportunities.



Online Master’s in Mathematics Education

Designed for current educators, the online master’s in Curriculum & Instruction with a major in mathematics education allows you to continue working while earning an advanced degree. The program enhances mathematics teachers’ professional knowledge and skills through an emphasis on the analysis and application of relevant research through a program of core courses (taken by teachers from across disciplines and educational contexts) and elective courses, as part of a cohort model. Faculty members provide opportunities for you to further your pedagogical and subject matter knowledge and skills by focusing on research-based best practices and developing leaders in schools. Learn more.

Doctoral (On Campus)

In the doctoral program, we select students with the necessary preparation and dedication needed to succeed in this content-focused and research-intensive major. The program has been designed to maximize interactions between faculty and students and to focus on current issues of research and practice. It also provides you with considerable flexibility as you pursue your developing goals and interests. A central feature of the program is the inclusion of scaffolded teaching and research apprenticeships that allow you to become a productive researcher and scholar in mathematics teacher education.

As a doctoral student, you are encouraged to pursue interdisciplinary collaborations that leverage your rigorous mathematical preparation. Such collaborations have the potential to offer new insights, theoretical perspectives, and methodological approaches to pivotal challenges facing the field of mathematics education. Learn more.


Please note: These are advanced programs designed for current teachers or other educational professionals. If you are seeking teacher certification for Mathematics (grades 6-12), please see our FSU-Teach program.