Learning and Cognition


Ranked as a top 25 Educational Psychology degree program nationally, our Learning and Cognition program offers students and professionals an advanced understanding of cognition, learning, and developmental theories. Our students come from many backgrounds to apply Learning and Cognition in research, classroom, government, or organizational settings. A background in Educational Psychology allows our alumni to design and evaluate effective learning contexts, evaluate the research evidence behind education-related interventions, and (in the case of thesis and doctoral students), conduct research.

A degree in Educational Psychology does not lead to licensure in teaching, school counseling, or school psychology. Sometimes Educational Psychology is confused with School Counseling or School Psychology. School Counseling and School Psychology are separate professional degree programs in the Department of Educational Psychology & Learning Systems that lead to licensure. If you are interested in conducting mental health interventions or assessments, please check out the School Counseling and School Psychology programs.

As you progress through our Educational Psychology degree program, you will enjoy a highly individualized experience. You can also select the training that meets your needs, adding flexibility and customization to our educational psychology degree program.

Our program provides an excellent grounding in research. Furthermore, you’ll develop close working relationships with nationally and internationally recognized faculty. Faculty members work on important research and regularly involve students. Learn more about current research conducted by our Learning and Cognition faculty members:

  • Dr. Yeo-eun Kim - students’ motivation and self-regulated learning in diverse personal and social settings
  • Dr. Beth Phillips – early childhood education and the intersection of self-regulatory and literacy development
  • Dr. Alysia Roehrig – teacher professional development and fostering students’ literacy development
  • Dr. Jeannine Turner – students’ motivations, emotions, and self-regulation for learning difficult material

We offer educational psychology degrees at the master’s (online and on-campus) and doctoral levels.

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