History and Philosophy of Education

Please note: the History and Philosophy of Education program is currently not admitting new students.

Florida State’s History and Philosophy of Education graduate program provides an expansive exploration of the evolution of education. Through the program, you will gain a vast understanding of the social, historical, and philosophical contexts of educational policy and practice. The program looks at these issues both domestically and internationally, providing you with a comprehensive view of education practices.

The History and Philosophy of Education graduate program offers both a master’s and doctoral (Ph.D.) program. The interdisciplinary nature of the History and Philosophy of Education graduate program allows you to take a variety of courses in international and comparative education, educational policy, sociology, history, and philosophy. At the master’s level, you will examine educational policy and practice and work closely with faculty members. Upon completion of the master’s program, you will understand the varied perspectives influencing the field of education. The doctoral program prepares you to create a unique research and pushes you to advance the field. You will choose a focus of study, such as religious, cultural, gender and social justice factors that impact education.

Graduates of our program explore careers as college/university professors, researchers, and policymakers in schools, government, or non-governmental organizations. Our doctoral graduates enjoy even greater career opportunities and often advance research in the field.