• eleanor bolduc

    I found my path in life.

To help me find some direction, I joined the Education Freshman Interest Group (FIG as it’s commonly called) in my first semester. This is where I took three classes with other students considering education as a career. Surrounded by these great people, I realized that becoming an elementary school teacher was the perfect path for me.

More specifically, getting my degree from FSU was the perfect path for me. The College of Education is its own little community. I love walking down the halls of the Stone Building and seeing the happy faces of people preparing to teach in elementary schools, English classes, secondary schools, and so many other education careers.

Eleanor Bolduc
Above all else, my students will know they are loved, that they deserve respect, and that they can do anything they want by putting in the effort and dreaming big.

The friends I have made in this program I will keep forever; they are my support group; they are my family. We have laughed together, cried together, and written lesson plans while watching movies together. The thing I will miss most after graduation will be the weekly trivia nights. But, as my FSU family all go our separate ways, I am certain we will always be there to support each other from wherever our careers take us.

Finally, to answer the inevitable question…even though I am from Gainesville, I will always root for the Seminoles over the Gators, despite my parents’ wishes.