FSU Great Give: Improving the College of Education

Josh Duke

When you get a group of people together who share a common interest, amazing things can happen. The Florida State community learns this lesson every year during the Great Give event. Last year, the university raised over $400,0000 to support projects across campus. For those not familiar with the Great Give, the event lasts 36 hours and takes place online starting at 9:00 AM on Thursday, March 28. On top of raising money for various projects, the Great Give also doles out incentive awards based on particular criteria. This extra funding can make a huge difference for the diverse initiatives and projects that take place in the FSU community.

You can learn more about the FSU Great Give here.

This year, the FSU College of Education encourages members of the community to help support four Great Give projects in particular. Click on the title of each project to learn more and back it!

Debt-Free Teachers

A great teacher can make all the difference in a child’s life. Chances are you had a favorite teacher growing up. The College of Education wants to help the next generation of students enjoy the experience of a great teacher—but we also want to make sure that next generation of teachers starts their careers without the burden of debt. The Debt-Free Teachers project supports future educators by providing scholarship dollars. We want our students to focus on their future classrooms and not their student loan payments.

Support the Sport Management Student Association

The Sport Management Student Association (SMSA) has helped the Sport Management program at Florida State maintain its status as the best program in the country. As part of its mission, the SMSA supports new alumni and students with an ever-growing network of sport management professionals. This often involves helping new graduates secure great jobs. By donating to the SMSA, you will help fund networking trips, community engagement events, and sports-relate service opportunities.

Hardee Center – Cohort Challenge

The Hardee Center’s LifeNet has a reputation as one of the best networks for professionals in higher education. Started by the late FSU professor Melvene Hardee, the LifeNet supports students, new professionals and alumni by sharing job opportunities, best practices, knowledge and more. This year, the Hardee Center has set a challenge to help sponsor the next generation of LifeNet members. The cohort that donates the most money will be recognized in the LifeNet newsletter.

Help the FSUS Band get new instruments!

Music makes the world go ‘round, and if you support this project, the music made by the FSUS Band will sound even better! Studies show that students who practice a musical instrument have better memories, are less stressed, experience increased creativity and have more confidence. By helping FSUS upgrade their instruments, students will be more excited to practice and perform. That’s music to our ears!

Supporting any of these projects will help part of the College of Education community. Every dollar donated makes a difference. Whether you’re a first-time donor or a longtime supporter, consider helping out one of these causes starting on March 28.