Dr. Eunhui Yoon

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Dr. Eunhui Yoon

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Dr. Eunhui Yoon, Ph.D. NCC. NCYC (Korea) is an Assistant Professor in the School Counseling and Counselor Education Program, Department of Educational Psychology and Learning Systems at Florida State University.

As a native of South Korea, Dr. Yoon’s research has supported and advocated for traditionally marginalized populations such as females, people of color, sexual and gender-expansive individuals, and persons of international backgrounds.

Dr. Yoon is an active member of the SAIGE (formerly, ALGBTIC) and awarded as an Emerging Leader in the year of 2017-2018 for her service to the sexual and gender-expansive community and clinical & scholarly activities. Since August 2020, Dr. Yoon has served on Albany State University’s LGBTQIAP Advisory Council, which aims to identify strategies to provide improved access for LGBTQIAP students of color, while providing multiple activities based on learning outcomes and wellbeing for students, teachers, and school counselors. The research project will span more than four Atlanta area school districts and five HBCUs.

Dr. Yoon has published several book chapters and peer-reviewed journal articles in national and international journals such as Journal of Counseling and Development, Counselor Education and Supervision, Journal of Asian Pacific Counseling, and Korean Journal of Counseling Psychotherapy. In addition, she has served as an editorial board member of the Journal of LGBT Issues in Counseling since 2016, as an adjunct reviewer of the Journal of Multicultural Counseling and Development since 2017, and a reviewer of the Korean Journal of Counseling since 2016, and has been appointed as an associate editor of the journal from 2021.

Before working for the FSU, she worked as an assistant professor at the Seattle Pacific University, a data analyst at the UF’s medical school, and a lecturer at the UF’s College of Education. In South Korea, she worked for the Korean Youth Counseling Institute, which is affiliated with the Ministry of Health, Welfare, and Family Affairs. In the KYCI, she developed crisis counseling guidelines, trained outreach counselors, and served the task force to develop better laws and policies related to welfare for at-risk adolescents.

Dr. Yoon received her Ph.D. from the University of Florida in Counseling and Counselor Education, M.A. from Seoul National University in Educational Counseling, and B.A. in Education from Ewha Womans University in South Korea.