Dr. Bret Staudt Willet

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Dr. Bret Staudt Willet

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3206N Stone Building

Dr. Bret Staudt Willet (he/him/his; last name: Staudt Willet) is an Assistant Professor of Instructional Systems & Learning Technologies at Florida State University. 

Dr. Staudt Willet’s research investigates self-directed learning, a subset of informal and networked learning. He is fascinated by how people figure things out on their own. He is most interested in what happens when students, learners, and trainees finish formal instruction, preparation, and training. What do they do after they walk out the door or log off? How do they continue to develop their knowledge, skills, and abilities? Where do they look for resources? Who do they talk to?

Dr. Staudt Willet is interested in how self-directed learners navigate the affordances and constraints of social connections through the internet and exploration through games. He frequently investigates self-directed learning with the tools of educational data science, including learning analytics, social network analysis, discourse analysis, natural language processing, and educational data mining.

At FSU, Dr. Staudt Willet teaches courses such as EME6356: Learning & Web Analytics; EME5601: Introduction to Instructional Systems, and EME6665: Synthesis, Analysis, & Argumentation in Instructional Systems Research.

Dr. Staudt Willet holds a Ph.D. in Educational Psychology & Educational Technology, a Master’s Degree in Educational Technology, and a Graduate Certificate in Serious Game Design & Research from Michigan State University.

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