English Education - Graduate Programs


Highly qualified graduate students finish the Curriculum & Instruction: English Education program prepared to meet the demands of teaching in the 21st century. Whether you earn a doctorate, specialist or master’s in English Education, you’ll go on to flourish in classrooms and beyond.

As part of your advanced course work, you will have numerous opportunities to work with adolescents and their teachers. You’ll gain experience in local schools, tutor individual at-risk students, teach small groups, and plan and present lessons. As you practice planning, delivering, and managing high quality instruction, you’ll gain a rich understanding of the many print and non-print literacies that define today’s communication. For instance, you will understand and address how technology can enhance teaching and learning.

We also explore the roles English teachers assume when working with English Language Learners (ELLs). Another area of study in the program looks at the English teacher’s role in reading instruction.

We offer an online master’s in Curriculum & Instruction with a concentration in English Education designed for those who already hold a Professional Educator’s Certificate. We also offer on-campus master’s and doctoral degrees.

Please note: These are advanced programs designed for current teachers. If you are seeking teacher certification for English Education (grades 6-12), please see our English Education combined BS/MS pathway.