October 2021 Student News

George Kantelis

October 20, 2021

InikaInika Pierre Williams is the Director of Pre-Collegiate Programs at the FSU Center for Academic Retention and Enhancement (CARE) and a doctoral candidate in the Educational Leadership and Policy Doctoral Program. As part of the 2021 Homecoming Reunion, the FSU National Black Alumni is recognizing Inika's work with the Outstanding Administration Award. Inika's work implements youth programs across North Florida that provide academic access, mentoring, tutoring, and aide in the college admissions process. Her work also targets at-risk students across North Florida.



October 19. 2021

toy whitehouseDré Graham (pictured right), who is a doctoral student in Instructional Systems and Learning Technology, and Krista Stanley (pictured left), who is a master's student in Education Leadership and Administration, were invited to be honored at the White House after being recognized as 2020 and 2021 Florida Teachers of the Year. The Florida Teacher of the Year award is one of the highest recognitions of skill and dedication that an educator can receive.




October 4, 2021

minwangMin Wang, who is seeking her Ph.D. in international and multicultural education, has received the The China Times Cultural Foundation Young Scholar Award. The award supports doctoral dissertation-writing and research in Chinese studies. The China Times Cultural Foundation is a non-profit that promotes Chinese culture and related studies. The foundation awards the doctoral dissertation-writing scholarship annually.