Autism Spectrum Disorder - Certificate

As one of the fastest-growing disability categories, autism spectrum disorder (ASD) has received more and more attention in recent years, and the need for professionals trained to work with individuals with ASD has also increased. Florida State’s online Autism Spectrum Disorder graduate certificate program offers you a unique opportunity to become better prepared to work with individuals on the autism spectrum. As a participant in the program, you will gain invaluable skills and learn best practices for working with learners with ASD.

Teachers enrolled in the program who are already licensed in the state of Florida in Exceptional Student Education (grades K-12) will be eligible for the Autism Endorsement from the Florida Department of Education upon completion of this program. This endorsement can help increase marketability and open up new job opportunities, particularly in regards to serving students with ASD. The online graduate certificate in Autism Spectrum Disorder at Florida State is particularly suited for practicing professionals serving individuals with ASD in schools, communities, and agencies (e.g., teachers, behavior therapists, speech-language pathologists, vocational rehabilitation specialists, childcare providers, administrators, family members), or individuals pursuing a graduate degree with an interest in providing direct service to individuals with ASD.

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