Applying Social Sciences in Today's World

Jennie Kroeger

Today, studying society and the relationships of the people within society is crucial to the understanding of who we are, what we do, and where we are going in the future. As such, teachers who are able to educate students and impart the importance of social science are a rare commodity. A Ph.D. in Social Science Education opens up a broad range of opportunities to make an impact on the world we live in.

How are the Social Sciences Being Used in the World Today?

Whether we realize it or not, social science is used in virtually every field and discipline, as social scientists study issues that impact our lives on a regular basis. For example, the expertise of social science is used to help understand economic crises by analyzing the choices we make and those that ruling parties make on our behalf. Social scientists also work with school districts to find more effective ways to improve both education and school leadership. The work of social scientists also impacts our health. By analyzing and interpreting medical studies and policies, they are able to make recommendations on health care services. Even technology and social media companies recognize the importance of social science education. Large companies like Facebook, Google, and Microsoft utilize social science experts to research how their companies relate to society.

How Does Social Science Education Impact the Success of Younger Students?

The demographics of our population are continuously changing. Schools are becoming more diverse, while ethnocentrism is not as dominant as it was for previous generations. Technology continues to advance, linking us to other parts of the world. Major educational associations across the country now have an international department to accommodate students with diverse backgrounds and needs. You can also find many international conferences related to the education of our youth. Social science educators use their expertise and analytical skills to provide a global perspective on how to keep up in the field of education so that one day their students can do the same. As a Social Science Educator, it is your job to help students apply everything they learn to the world around them. That knowledge will give them a diverse set of skills that they'll be able to apply to whatever career path they choose. Learn More About Our M.S. and Ph.D. in Social Science Education »