Human Performance Technology (HPT) - Graduate Certificate

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Human Performance Technology (HPT) is an emerging field that brings dramatic improvements to an organization’s processes for developing and supporting a workforce that is in alignment with the organization’s mission and goals. HPT professionals work within an organization to coordinate the various functions that pertain to human performance improvement, and to build coordinated and harmonious programs that become systemically integrated into the organization’s operations.

Growing numbers of organizations are creating HPT officers and staff, and many of them are replacing traditional human resource development (HRD) specialists and instructional designers with HPT professionals who combine general knowledge of HPT with one or more areas of specialization in the “solution” areas (such as instructional design, information technology, management, finance, organizational development, etc.) within the broad domain of HRD-related functions.

This certificate is offered primarily to students who are enrolled in one of the graduate programs that pertain to the specialty areas within Human Performance Technology (HPT), such as Instructional Systems and Learning Technologies (ISLT). Thus, graduates who earn this certificate will have in-depth knowledge from their majors in one or more of the “solution areas” within HPT in addition to expertise in the broader concept and practices of HPT. The certificate is also offered to those who have expertise in one of these solution areas as a result of their work history, and to individuals who want to use it as an entry-level achievement in preparation for further formal study or work.

The organizational development skills you’ll obtain in this program will help you advance your career in a variety of job sectors, including healthcare, military, non-profit, and business. And because it’s offered online, you’ll be able to complete the program while maintaining employment.