Educational Leadership & Administration

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Please note: the Educational Leadership/Administration Ph.D. program is currently not admitting new students. 

Students in the FSU Educational Leadership & Administration program develop dynamic, high-performing leadership for the renewal and improvement of educational systems. Our program, which is currently ranked #3 in the nation by U.S. News & World Report, will prepare you for a rewarding career in educational leadership. You have a choice in completing an educational leadership master’s, specialist, Ed.D., or Ph.D. degree. The educational leadership master’s, specialist, and Ed.D. are offered online, and the educational leadership Ph.D. program is offered on-campus. 

For applicants who have completed a master's degree but still need Level 1 certification, we encourage you to consider the specialist (Ed.S.) program. Completion of the specialist degree would render you eligible for certification in Educational Leadership (all levels) and Florida K-12 school district positions and is eligible for financial aid. Both master's and specialist students are placed in courses that build on principalship skills. Students in our programs rank #1 in Florida for Florida Educational Leadership Examination (FELE) pass rates.

In the online educational leadership master’s program, you will gain a core of professional and theoretical knowledge and demonstrate skills in applied research and the practice of leadership. The program emphasizes strong academic training, practical application of content, and connecting with field experts. Program objectives are drawn from the core content identified from research and theory on educational leadership, and from the collaboration between practitioners and faculty of the department.

The Online Ed.D. in Educational Leadership & Administration offers existing practitioners and students additional training and opportunities to expand their knowledge. This innovative program helps practitioners already engaged in the field continue their education while maintaining their employment. You can choose to specialize in either K-12 or higher education.

Finally, for those interested in conducting high-level research and teaching educational leadership at universities, we offer an on-campus Ph.D. program. Under this program, you will work closely with faculty members and conduct unique research. Upon completion of the doctoral program, you will have a mastery of educational leadership topics and lead the conversation through teaching and research.