10 Reasons Teaching is One of the Best Careers Around

Jennie Kroeger

Do you want to have a lasting impact on the world and young minds of today? If so, a career in education may be for you. Here, we've compiled the top 10 reasons to take on a career in teaching.

1. Exponential Impact

As a teacher or instructor, it's your job to guide the learning of all your students - from elementary school children up into higher education graduate students who are pursuing a specialized degree. As a teacher, you have the potential to have an exponential impact on the world.

2. Variety

Many jobs require boring, repetitive tasks or mind-numbing hours spent behind a computer screen in a cubicle. A career in education puts you in a very active environment, dealing with people, research, faculty, and curriculum on a day to day basis.

3. Training for Life

Virtually everyone can benefit from the personal advantages of a career in education. It requires a quick mind, an ability to work with diverse types of people in sometimes difficult situations, and comfort with public speaking. Because no day will ever be the same, you are always required to be creative and have an open mind, learning life skills that reach far beyond the classroom.

4. Job Security

Teaching jobs are always available somewhere, and are more stable than a lot of other careers. Teachers who get advanced degrees have an advantage when it comes to a promotions, job security, tenure, and a long, healthy career. A graduate degree has real value when it comes to ensuring you've got a steady income.

5. The Mental Challenge

Students have active minds and demand something that triggers their interest. Throughout the span of a teacher's career, the curriculum will continually evolve and change, requiring most educators to learn more about their specialty on an ongoing basis.

6. Autonomy

Anyone who likes to control their working environment will love teaching at the higher ed level. You can work in a classroom with the door shut, choosing your own curriculum, books, and teaching methods. Often times, being a professor at a college affords much more flexibility in curriculum than teaching at the elementary or secondary school levels.

7. Significant Vacation Time

How many people in the private industry get three months off every summer? Teachers can spend time with their families and have more flexibility in scheduling summer activities, along with holidays and spring break.

8. Preparing future global citizens

As a teacher, you have the opportunity to broaden your students' horizons and prepare them to become productive citizens of the world. By exposing them to different cultures and customs, you can create in them a respect for diversity and new ideas.

9. Seeing the Light

It flashes in their eyes. Students look dull and bored until they understand a concept, then their eyes show wonder and excitement. That's a reward greater than wealth.

10. Working with Young People

This is truly one of the strongest reasons that people go into teaching, and why teachers find it to be such a rewarding career. Whether a teacher works with elementary school children who need an occasional hug or students at a university who are just starting their adult life, it's rewarding to be around them. , .

It's common knowledge that teaching is a rewarding career. If you're interested in becoming a teacher or pursuing a degree in the education industry, check out our programs.